A Chance to Relive the 90’s for a Whole Week? Yes Please!

University Program Board (UPB) is giving everyone the opportunity to relive your childhood beginning Tuesday November 8th.  Every day and every event features some form of throwback to your memories of growing up! It all kicks off with…

Tuesday: Crazy Commons, 11am-2pm on the Commons. FREE 90′s
tshirts, food and activities.

Wednesday: Nineties @ Nite, 8-10pm in TDU featuring 90’s snacks, raffle prizes, and our very own version of Don’t Forget the Lyrics made up of classics from Britney Spears, Semisonic, Backstreet Boys, Will Smith and more.  Test your memory with a group of your friends and stick around for a FREE show from The Overtones.

Thursday: 90′s Late Night Breakfast, 10pm-midnight in
Festival with crafts from the past including Perler bead creations, a Cootie Catcher station, and velvet coloring pages. Compete with your friends on the inflatable Ladder Climb and see if you can defeat the Aggro Crag!
Menu will include:
– Mickey Mouse Pancakes
– Tater Tots
– Bacon
– Fruit

Also on Thursday night is Throwback Shows and Cheerios, 9-11pm in Festival.  Come watch 90′s classic TV shows and enjoy your favorite childhood cereals.

Finally, on Friday: Dave Coulier, 8pm in Wilson. JOEY FROM FULL HOUSE! Dave has done work for many other shows including, “Extreme Ghostbusters”, “Real Ghostbusters”, “Muppet Babies”, “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo”, “The Jetsons”, and the Disney Channel original Movies, “The Thirteenth Year”, and “The Even Stevens Movie”. It is sure to be a hilariously entertaining evening.

Tickets went on sale in the Warren Box Office at 8:00 a.m. on October 28th. Tickets are$5.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door, for both JAC holders and the public.

Have questions? Concerns? Excitement? Let UPB know! They have a blog, a Twitter, a Facebook, give them your feedback, they plan these events for YOU.


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