General State Elections

Want to have your opinion heard? Want to see national problems solved? Want to be a part of the change, but don’t know how?

Elections for your House Representative are happening NEXT WEEK! Since you will be at JMU, though, you have to vote through an ABSENTEE BALLOT.

1) Check if you are already registered to vote. If you are a Virginia Resident, you can check here
2) Find your state’s Absentee Ballot form online. If you are a Virginia Resident go to
3) Print it out and fill it out
4) Look on Page 2 of that document, and look for which county you are in. Mail your form to the address listed under your county.
5) Mail it, or fax it, by NOV. 1 (this Tuesday)
6) Check the status of your absentee ballot at under “Absentee”

CONGRATULATIONS! You have made a difference!

(If you have not registered to vote, visit your state DMV so that you can be registered to vote by the next election which is presidential)

The General State Elections are on Nov 8th and here is a link to apply for an absentee ballot. Ballots must be sent by mail by Tuesday Nov 1st. Here is the link for Virginia Voters

Other states can be found on this website
Check out the Facebook event for more info as well.

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