Are you DTF? (Down to Fight) Join Colleges Against Cancer!

Did you know that 70% of breast cancer is found through self breast examination? Or that breast cancer is second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths among women in the U.S.? Well, Colleges Against Cancer is trying to raise awareness this October (since it is breast cancer awareness month and all) and they have officially launched their Pink Ribbon Campaign.
The campus campaign takes place all week, with events happening in various locations everyday.  Here’s the schedule of events:
M-F: Decorations at Top Dog and E-hall! Look for a different dessert incorporating pink at E-Hall everyday of the week!
Tuesday: Surprise Around Campus! (SPECIAL SURPRISE ON THE QUAD TODAY AT 12:15….It is going to be really, realllly, REALLY COOL!)
Wednesday: Sweet Bee Proceeds. ALL DAY! From 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. Must bring the flyer (located on our website and on facebook!) and pay in cash
Thursday: Basketball/Volleyball tournament! 5-7:30. Signups are day of. Just for fun! $1 per person. Teams of 6. Co-ed or single sex teams. Encouraging exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle!
And finally…Do you like cupcakes? Then join in on Cupcakes for  a Good Cause on Saturday to help out CAC and Gamma Sigma Sigma in their co-sponsored event held by the Dusty Joy Foundation, a non-profit lung cancer awareness advocacy group.  You need a ticket for the event, and they are $7.50 and you get 3 gourmet cupcakes of your choice! You can purchase a ticket online here, and all the proceeds go to the Dusty Joy Foundation.

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