Kick Off of JMuse Cafe

The James Madison University Libraries announce the establishment of JMuse Café, a series of programs intended to provide the campus community with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in which to explore topics of public interest without discipline-imposed boundaries. The aim is to engage students, faculty and staff in thoughtful and wide-ranging discussions to support enlightened citizenship and lifelong learning.

According to a press release put out by the JMU libraries, several JMuse Café events will be held during the academic year.  Events are designed to support robust audience participation by non-specialists and promote learning among diverse community members.  We want to create a space for students to engage in scholarly, informed conversations in a convivial atmosphere, with great food and the company of thoughtful, curious people representing diverse backgrounds and interests. They are particularly interested in developing formats that will include students as full participants and hope soon to include student interns in the planning group.  Not incidentally, we’ve opted for evening programs that introduce students to a model for smart, alcohol-free entertainment and socializing. The hope is that students will take away not just content, but some sense that learning together is fun and  builds community.

The first JMuse Café event will be held on Wednesday evening, October 19, from 7:00 until 8:30 p.m. in the Flex Space of the East Campus Library. The topic for this event is “After Fukushima, What about Nuclear Power?”

JMuse Café  events are open to all members of the campus community. To help us plan for seating and food, attendees are required to complete a simple online reservation form.  Space is limited, so early sign-up is recommended.  For additional information, including readings and a link to the online reservation form, visit

Please contact Sara Williams,  or Bill Ingham ( if you have questions.


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