So, What is Student Engagement Week?

Though the title might suggest otherwise, we are not promoting that students of JMU get engaged during this week.  However, if that was your original plan, then by all means, don’t let us stop you.  This week is actually going to be dedicated to making the Madison experience for this year even better.

While on our organizational retreat, SGA came up with 8 broad topics that we as student leaders felt were necessary to explore.  We want the students to come up with our 3 long-term goals for the year from that list, that way, we have some accountability, as well as transparency with what our projects are.

Now, you might be wondering how we are going to get these answers from the student body, and the answer is simple.

Every individual in our organization is putting in the time and effort to be in 5 different locations around campus all week long to ‘engage’ YOU as a student, as well as get a feel for what your ideas are.

We will be at tables with signs, food, drink and of course our survey for you to fill out. Sounds like an amazing plan right? Want to know when and where? Monday-Friday we will be set up:

  • Chandler Courtyard (10-3)
  • Village Basketball Court (10-3)
  • Warren Patio (10-3)
  • ISAT Lobby (10-3) and finally,
  • UREC Atrium (2-7)
Need some more info? Check out our Facebook event, follow us on Twitter @SGAjmu and of course, keep checking back here for more updates.

2 thoughts on “So, What is Student Engagement Week?

  1. Sarah Scholtz

    Such a great idea!! Thanks for being such passionate, committed, and hard working leaders for our campus!! We, as students, are so lucky to have such an amazing SGA!! : )

  2. sgajmu Post author

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We have gotten an amazing response rate from students, and we are so glad they are willing to give us their opinion. We can only be as amazing as the students we serve!


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