Coming Soon…My Madison (formerly e-campus)

Beginning Sunday October 9th, yes SUNDAY, the way e-campus looks, operates, and functions will be totally different.  In Senate on Tuesday we had Anna Lynn Bell, Director of University Advising, and a few of her colleagues come and tell us that their collaboration with Academic AffairsAdministration and Finance as well as the Office of Student Affairs proved to be a great effort in making the changes students wanted to see made.

Their main priority was to focus on advising and registration problems that students have been complaining about for years.  Easier access to cumulative, major and minor GPA’s, personalization options as well as integrated systems so that three or four pages didn’t need to be accessed to gain information.

With the new changes, students will be able to customize the Student Tab with things such as links to forms, major specific materials, as well as any other information that is deemed Academic Support.

Some of the things that SGA brought up included: easier transcript printing, clarifying that E-Campus and BlackBoard will be integrated into the My Madison portal (no extra log-in will be required), as well as actual integrated personalized to YOU information.  Email, calendars, final schedules by semester, etc. will all be included as well.

We are really excited for all of these changes, and if any of you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Representatives from SGA are all over campus, the Twitter is constantly monitored as well as our Facebook page.  Again, October 9th when you log into E-campus you will see some changes. Get Excited.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…My Madison (formerly e-campus)

  1. Christine Borkowski

    Professors should put up a calendar in their blackboard so students could sync them all together. That would be choice. It’s so time-consuming getting info from several different outlets to put into one calendar. Professors could cut out so many steps this way.

    1. sgajmu Post author

      Thank you for the suggestion! We are going to continue to work with the IT people to get the best results on the system we can. But just to clarify, are you talking about syncing something such as a Google calendar onto the new My Madison system (with things such as class times, office hours, test dates, etc.)?


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