The H2O Event on JMU’s Campus

Living in the U.S. we can take a lot of things for granted.  Adequate clothing, food, shelter. The basics.  But what about water?  The human body is made up of 61.8 percent water and needs to be replenished daily. In certain areas around the world, the epidemic is annually claiming the lives of 884 million people due to lack of access to clean water.  The worst part about this crisis is that there is a solution to it, and all we are lacking is the will and ability to help.

Therefore, the InterVarsity 2011 Justice Team is partnering with organizations such as SGA, Chick-fil-a, Kappa Pi, SWO, Madison Project, Into Hymn, Mocha Club, and SAO this upcoming Friday, October 7 in Wilson Hall to put on the H2O event where our campus can rally together to make a real difference in the world as we come to combat the current water crisis.

During H2O the senior director from Living Water International will come to speak and tell us useful information about the water crisis and how we can come together to provide clean water to communities who are in dire need of assistance. There will also be performances by some of JMU’s acapella groups.

After the H2O event, there will be an After Party at the Jolt House directly next to Greenberrys at 9:30 pm, where people will come together to celebrate the start of the H2O Project.

The H20 Project, 10 Days,  will be also be an amazing opportunity to raise both  awareness and money to help build a well and make a definite change in the lives of many in communities abroad.  Beginning October 10th and running through the 19th, the nationwide ten-day water Challenge put on by Living Water, will be where we continue to raise money for the well specifically in Rwanda.

This project is a request to abstain from drinking water for those 10 days, and rather than buying a coffee, juice, or other drink, get a cup of water instead. Then, use the money that would have been spent on that coffee, juice or other drink by donating or buying the packages InterVarsity will be selling on the Commons and at the bottom of the Village Hill on those dates from 11 am to 12 pm. Those packages will include a t-shirt, mug, and Chick-fil-a coupon for only fifteen dollars! You can also contribute with donations or by attending H2O on October 7th.

Please show your support because we need all of it in order to make a difference!

Event names, dates, times and locations:

  • H2O: October 7th at 7pm in Wilson Hall
  • 10 Days: October 10-19 on the Commons and bottom of Village hill

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