Ms. Madison Candidates and Voting

Everyone knows that JMU has the best students in Virginia, possibly the country, who are we kidding.  So, in order to honor the best of the best seniors, we put the vote up to you the students! Check out their Facebook event pages (click on their name to get there) to learn a little more about them and why they deserve the honor of Mr. or Ms. Madison! You can also get to the overall event page here.

You can also come out and see them EMCEE at the Pep Rally on Friday September 30th.

In order to vote, head over to our official website and click on the VOTE button starting Thursday September 29th at 7am and ending at 7pm. You will be directed to Be Involved, where you can make a profile and then place your vote. Don’t know how to make a profile? Check out our blog post from Fall Minor Elections. Then, see if who you voted for wins!

Each candidate answered the four following questions:

1) What org nominated you?
2) What else you are involved in on JMU’s campus or otherwise?
3) Why you love JMU?
4) Why should JMU students vote for you?

Ms. Madison:

Rheanna Martino

1. Student Government Association

2. I’m currently the SafeRides Training and Education Director, the founding Secretary of the HRD Club and in the past I have been a 2k9 FrOG, a MYMOM Participant and an ASB trip participant.

3. Why would you NOT love JMU!? From the moment you set foot on this campus, there is an energy that surrounds you and welcomes you into your new home. Everything around JMU screams passion and excitement. The people, the traditions, the beautiful scenery and campus, the way students put their whole selves into everything they do; there isn’t a single part of JMU that isn’t overflowing with love. It’s the most incredible place on Earth.

4. I love JMU with my whole heart. It’s hard to believe that this is real life and I haven’t been living in a fairytale for the last four years. It has been such an honor to even be nominated along side such other incredibly influential people on this campus and nothing would make me more proud than to be your 2011 Ms. Madison. All my love is JMU ❤

Katy Summerlin

1) My sorority, Alpha Phi, nominated me for Miss Madison. I am so honored that my sisters think highly of me, and this shows me that my hard work to be a good leader is really paying off.
2) I am also a member of the Student Society of Professional Journalists. As a SMAD Journalism major, this is a great organization for networking with other student journalists and the professors who mentor us. I also occasionally write for The Breeze. In Monday’s issue, I had a piece on front page on Officer Conley- it was titled “The People Cop”.  Though I enjoy writing, I hope to combine my flair for reporting with politics, specifically for television. I’d like to be an anchor for a political talk show someday.
3) JMU is a great place to go to college because of the amazing enthusiasm and culture of campus involvement. There is that “something in the water” happiness that we are introduced to from our very first visit to JMU, and carry through our college experience.
4) The original Ms. Madison is someone I strive to emulate every day. Dolly was outgoing, courageous, and conducted herself like a true lady. With that comparison, I know I have pretty big shoes to fill, but, vote for me for Miss Madison!

Katie Nowell 

1)  Zeta Tau Alpha

2) Greek Intervarsity, Ski and Snowboard Racing Team, Biology Research Lab, HASA (Health Administration Student Association)

3) JMU is passionate about their students and inspires us to “Be the Change” on campus and after we graduate. I love the spirit of JMU that is all over campus! People holding doors open for each other, meeting new people on the quad, and just the friendliness that is so common here at JMU. I also love that the teachers care about the students here and are always supporting us and pushes us to achieve great things. JMU inspires me to be a better person everyday and encourages me to strive for my goals and dreams!

4) I believe that I am a true representation of what it means to be a “true JMU student” for a few reasons. I have been inspired by JMU through all of the different organizations I am involved in, and in turn have been able to impact students on our campus. I absolutely LOVE JMU and would do anything for the students here. I have tons of school spirit and always have a great time showing my JMU pride!

Sandra Tran

1)  SafeRides!!

2) I co-founded the JMUTeach program about a year and a half ago and am the director this year. I’m also involved in Mortar Board as the social chair. And freshmen year, I was involved in creating MAPs (Madison Advising Peers)!

3) The easy stuff: the incredible people, the delicious food, beautiful campus, amazing organizations, but what you won’t find anywhere else is the passion. The energy and passion here is contagious; it takes you by the hands and pulls you in, it takes you by the heart and makes you love it! It is every where.

4)  I am bursting at the seams with excitement about JMU!! I would love to come back in ten years to see these programs I have been a part of and started are still thriving! If you believe that is possible, and there is/will be an impact 🙂 I think I have made my mark and I hope you vote for me!


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