Mr. Madison Candidates and Voting

Everyone knows that JMU has the best students in Virginia, possibly the country, who are we kidding.  So, in order to honor the best of the best seniors, we put the vote up to you the students! Check out their Facebook event pages (click on their name to get there) to learn a little more about them and why they deserve the honor of Mr. or Ms. Madison! You can also get to the overall event page here.

You can also come out and see them EMCEE at the Pep Rally on Friday September 30th.

In order to vote, head over to our official website and click on the VOTE button starting Thursday September 29th at 7am and ending at 7pm. You will be directed to Be Involved, where you can make a profile and then place your vote. Don’t know how to make a profile? Check out our blog post from Fall Minor Elections. Then, see if who you voted for wins!

Each candidate answered the four following questions:

1) What org nominated you?
2) What else you are involved in on JMU’s campus or otherwise?
3) Why you love JMU?
4) Why should JMU students vote for you?

Mr. Madison:

Chet Craft 



1) I was nominated by the amazing organization SafeRides, which I have been a member of since the beginning of my sophomore year.  Last year I was a team leader for the organization and this year I am a member of the exec board, acting as the Fundraising Director.  SafeRides is an amazing group of people who do an amazing service, so I am so honored to not only be a part of the organization, but to represent them in this process.  Cali blue love forever!
2) Other than SafeRides most of my involvement is involved with my major, which is theatre.  I am a stage manager and have stage managed several productions for the department within my time here.  I stage managed the gala opening production of Kiss Me Kate last year, along with the Studio Produciton of Songs For A New World.  This weekend, I am stage managing another studio produciton, Lucky Stiff, so come check it out!  Stage management has become my passion here at JMU and is what I hope to pursue as a career when I graduate.  I also was a 2K9 FrOG with Orientation, which was an incredible experience, one that really jump started my involvement here at JMU.
3) I have loved JMU since the moment I stepped on the quad during my campus tour.  I love the place, the people, the atmosphere, the spirit.  I love how this place is home to so many different people, but we are all together a family.   There is no college campus like this one and I am blessed every day I get to call this place home.  JMU DUKES!!!!!
4) To be honest, I want people to vote for me if you feel I am the best choice.  I am so honored to be a part of the process at all, let alone to be in the finals.  The other nominees are all incredible and are greatly involved, so I ask that most importantly you VOTE, so that the event is a success.  If you feel I am the guy who best represents JMU and should be Mr. Madison, I would be honored and so appreciative of your vote.  Have a wonderful, exciting, spirited filled HOMECOMING week and GO DUKES!!!

Drew Savage

1)      Student Ambassadors

2)      I am the Coordinator for Pay it Forward at JMU, Membership Development VP of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Madison Society member and Club Swimming

3)      I love JMU because of the people. It is as simple as a smile on the quad to a three hour lunch date that make my JMU experience. The people I have met here have inspired me so much to challenge myself and make myself a better person. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a university.

4)      The most important thing is just to vote. Vote for who you think embodies JMU based on the descriptions. Each nominee is a giving member to the community so just choose the one you can relate to or see JMU within.
Carlos Ruiz 

1)  Air Force ROTC
2) – Freshman and Sophomore Class President
– Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
– FrOG
– Assistant Greek Coordinator (AGC)
3) Life is like a puzzle; each choice one makes affects the final picture.  One must make choices every day and these decisions determine where one will be tomorrow. Each piece attempts to figure out life and testing new methods of solving the life puzzle. I not make all the right choices, but I made the best one I could have by being a part of JMU.This single decision has led me to find myself and will continue to help me in the future when I pursue my life goals.  Simply put, JMU is one of my corner pieces to life without which my frame could not be established.
4) This award is given to the person who best represents JMU and the mission that the university sets out to accomplish.  Every one of the candidates, I believe, has the attributes that JMU sets out for its students.  I can only set myself aside by sharing my personal enthusiasm for my school. I have been involved from the get go and have tried to make an impact on the campus through the organizations I am involved. This can be seen through Air Force ROTC finally being recognized as a student org on campus!
Lamar Walker

1) I was nominated by Divine Unity, one of the non-denominational Christian orgs on campus.

2) I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., A multicultural Attache in Eagle Hall, and last but not least a JMU Varsity Cheerleader.

3) I LOVE JMU because this is my home, not my home away from home, but my HOME.  The culture here is one that I want my life to reflect.  It’s positive, friendly and encouraging.  I think what I love most about JMU is the people that are a part of the community and their love for mankind.

4) I think people should vote for me only if they feel I am a good representation of what it means to be a DUKE.  I love this school and everything it stands for; and I will continue to PURPLE OUT at every chance that I get.


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