Purple Out Details

With the cool weather settling in for the beginning of Fall, you can practically feel the school spirit rising as temperatures drop. The reason? HOMECOMING 2011!!!!

Every year around this time SGA puts on the Purple Out event on the Quad. This year we are at it again with even more shirts to distribute, food to be consumed, and great music to listen to.  But this year, we’ve added a little bit of a twist…

In order to receive a shirt you can either:

1) Head FESTIVAL upper tables and pick up a TICKET. That’s right, a ticket, on MONDAY Sept. 26 from 11-2pm.

2) If you are usually on Quad side of campus, find us on the COMMONS to get your ticket TUESDAY Sept. 27 from 11-2.

These TICKETS will be the guaranteed way of receiving a shirt!!!!

3) Finally, bring your colored TICKET with you to the Quad on Wednesday Sept. 28th at 5pm to pick up your “I Bleed Purple” shirt and help to Purple Out the stands at Saturday’s game!                                                             To wrap up:
1) GET TICKET either Monday (26th) or Tuesday (27th) from 11-2
2) BRING TICKET Wednesday (28th) from 5-8:30pm and get your shirt
3) WEAR SHIRT on Saturday October 1 to the game!

8 thoughts on “Purple Out Details

  1. Sophia

    OMG I could totally see this blowing up on Wednesday. I don’t think many people are gonna know about this ticket issue and they’re gonna wait in line and realize they needed a ticket to even be eligible to get a shirt. Its a cause for many angry dukes

    1. sgajmu Post author

      Your concern is understandable and we are working through multiple venues such as Twitter, Facebook, emails, table tents and this very site to help spread the word. Since this process is new, we are hoping that word of mouth will also help get the message out, so tell everyone! Thank you for your comment and we hope to see you out at the event!

  2. JMUFan

    Hey isn’t the JMU football team wearing black jerseys that game? Shouldn’t the students wear black too? To support the team.

    1. sgajmu Post author

      You are correct with the fact that the football team is premiering black jersey’s for the game. However, since the Purple Out tradition has been going strong for years, we didn’t want to change it. We want to support the team with our school colors as we have done for a long time. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Morgan

    If I want to get a ticket for a small t-shirt, will I be guaranteed a small if I pick up a ticket on Tuesday rather than Monday?

    1. sgajmu Post author

      Each day has it’s own set of tickets. So even if we run out of small tickets on Monday, there is a whole other pile waiting for Tuesday. Now, depending on what time you get to the distribution on Tuesday will be the deciding factor in you getting a small. We don’t reccomend you getting there at 1 and expecting a small. Hope this helps!


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