Mr. and Mrs. Madison Process

Are you active in an organization with an outstanding male and/or female senior?  Nominate them for Mr. and Mrs. Madison!

Presidents and leaders of your organization received an email outlining the nomination process last week.  Applications (once nominations have been accepted) are available by clicking on the link above, and are due to the SGA office in Taylor 203 by 5pm Wednesday September 21st.

Nominees will then participate in an interview panel consisting of SGA members of all academic class, and the top four male and top four female candidates will be voted on and chosen.

Beginning Sunday September 25th at midnight, the candidates will begin their campaigning to win the title!

Finally, you come in again! Beginning at 7am Thursday Sept. 29 and ending at 7p, VOTING takes place on the official SGA website.

Winners are announced on the field during halftime October 1st.

Still have questions? No problem, keep checking back here as the dates come closer, or you can email VP Emily Douillard at: and she will be happy to answer any question you have.

2 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Madison Process

    1. sgajmu Post author

      Our VP sent an email to all leaders of organizations almost two weeks ago now with the information about the event and the application has been on our official website for the same length of time. However, since Homecoming is a lot earlier this year than usual (almost 2 full weeks) coupled with the transition of executive members of organizations, there may have been some communication errors. We tried to make this process as well known as possible given the time restraints, but obviously some things fell through. Thank you for bringing it up, and we will work to correct it next year.


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