Crazy Commons and Fall Concert Reveal

Tuesday afternoon the circular space between Dhall, the stairs going to the Quad and the hill leading down to the bookstore will be busy with people.  The reason for all the commotion? It’s the first Crazy Commons put on by University Program Board (UPB)! Crazy Commons will officially start at 11am and run until 2 pm and is a great way to find out what is going around campus, take part in games and just generally have a good time.

This particular Crazy Commons is going to be special because not only will every aspect of UPB be there promoting their up and coming events, but the Fall concert will be revealed.  Also in the works is free stuff (and you’re not a college student if you don’t enjoy free stuff), JMU spirit and ice cream.  Take a break from your second day of class and stop by for a bit.  Meet some new people and get even more excited for all of the goings on around JMU this semester.

For example, the committee Spotlight Sounds will be advertising Money Cannot Be Eaten, a new student band, on that day, who will be performing in Taylor Down Under (TDU) September 7th from 7-8p.

Another band you have the opportunity to learn about is the Generationals, an indie band from New Orleans, Louisiana who recently released their album Actor-Castor in March.  iTunes featured their single Trust  as a single of the week back in 2010 and as a band they provide a refreshing change of pace from the norm.  The opportunity to see such an accomplished group perform free is a chance only you as JMU student will get, so take advantage! They will be on the Commons September 19th at 5pm.  Come check them out.

So to recap you need to know:

When: Tuesday August 30th from 11a-2p

Where: The Commons! (in front of Dhall entrance steps)


Need more information?

On Twitter: @UPB

Facebook Event: UPB Presents: Crazy Commons and Fall Concert Reveal


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