New York, New York — Kenzie Fisher

I’ve had a busy summer, from having guests visit to going to concerts to traveling
and more, it has been quite an adventure.  I have to say my favorite summer experience would be going to New York City.

My journey begins around 3 AM leaving from my house headed to DC to meet up with my friend, Courtney to catch a train to New York. After a while of sitting in the train station I was able to find Courtney and get in line to board our train, only to find out it was delayed an hour. Well after more waiting we were able to board our train and make our way to the city that never sleeps.

After about a three-hour train ride filled with listening to Frank Sinatra’s New
York, New York on repeat; we pulled into the station, met up with another JMU
friend, hailed a cab, and made our way to Times Square. We went into the corner
1515 Broadway office to visit my cousin and drop our things off while we walked
around the city. As we got permission from the security desk we walked to the
elevators and pushed the 42nd floor button and zoom up went the
elevator traveling at speeds that lifted you off the ground, stopping on the 40th
floor to let another passenger off and to reveal the VH1 logo. Then we arrived
in the MTV studio offices, said hello to my cousin and hit the streets.

Being in Times Square of course we had to go to the four-story Forever 21 and H&M and for a sweet treat we headed to a nearby Pink Berry’s for some delicious frozen yogurt. We decided to take a break on the red stairs and soak in the atmosphere. This place was great! All the people and buildings that touched the sky, it was just like being in a movie. After running around in the city, we went back to my cousin’s apartment which had rooftop access and a view of the nearby park. We then scurried down the street to a restaurant so that I could awaken my taste buds with my first taste of Thai food. And after a good meal and a very long day it was time to go to Courtney’s house to prepare for the next day’s adventures.

Day Two in New York started with my first subway experience, where someone almost fell onto the tracks, but luckily the caring JMU spirit can be found other places than Harrisonburg and people quickly helped the person up. After arriving at our stop, we headed to the museum that Night at the Museum was filmed at. After meandering around, we strolled over to Central Park for lunch, where we saw some boaters and were able to be in the right place at the right time and get a free carousal ride. With the day still young, we headed into FAO Swartz to look around and passed by the Plaza Hotel on our way.  We made a
wardrobe change and stopped by Tiffany’s for a picture and ran into the Trump
Tower for Starbucks, which brought up memories of studying at Carrier library
only minus having a giant waterfall, escalators, and marble floors.  Then we were off to the Broadway Comedy Club for a comedy show.  We had gotten tickets
on the streets of Times Square the day before and were very excited to see the
show. We got front row and were in the club that was seen on the Jerry Seinfeld
show where he did his stand-up.  It was a great time and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Day Three consisted of more shopping and finding cute boutiques in the central of Soho. Then it was mission get a purse. We did the whole walking on the street meeting up with different ladies and finally purchasing a purse on the street. Then we decided to take a break from shopping and walked to the Williamsburg Bridge and got some ice cream, which was such a great way to escape the heat. We then headed to Little Italy and found ourselves in a back room buying more purses. It felt like they had those kinds of shops everywhere. While wandering the streets we ran into a fortune-teller and all got our fortunes told. Dinner time finally rolled around and we headed to a cute little side street café called Café Napoli. We were able to meet up with another JMU friend there and shared some delicious fettuccine alfredo. For dessert we hit up a cute bakery and indulged in some chocolate covered cannoli’s. My time in New York was coming to an end, so once in Jersey again I made an effort to see another JMU buddy and then was able to leave feeling accomplished.

I had the best time in the City and can’t wait to go back again! I really have to be thankful that I met some great people at JMU that allowed to me to be able to travel and spend time with them outside of school and now I have some great memories to last me a lifetime. It was a great summer vacation!

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