Some Last Minute Summer Memories

With summer drawing to an end and everyone getting ready to greet the class of 2015, here are some last minute summer memories from your SGA members to get you reminiscing as well:

Keith Zirkle visited Madison, Wisconsin where he not only participated in a biostatistics paracticum, but also enjoyed some of the things Madison had to offer.  For example, the fireworks he saw might just be one reason to move to
the Midwest. Also, there is a giant Abe Lincoln statue on campus where graduating seniors climb into his lap and pinch his nose because its considered unlucky if you don’t do it before you graduate! Madison also has a FREE zoo. He alos went to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI and
saw Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls!  Madison is also called the Four Lakes City because of the four huge lakes, of which one I lived on (Lake Mendota)!

Kathleen Murphy went on a mission trip to build houses in Vicente Guerrero, Baja Mexico. A couple of students from Presbyterian Campus Ministry at JMU went through the Shenandoah Presbytery. There were 50+ people from the Shenandoah Valley who went (including the JMU group) and they
divided into 3 teams, building one house each. She  had an amazing time and said it really was fulfilling to give someone a home and know you built it for them.

As the members of SGA begin to flood Harrisonburg again, there will be more adventures to share as well as some start of school info!

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