Presidental Phone Call Part II

Yesterday I joined a conference call between other student leaders and senior White House advisers, plus President Obama himself.  Our topic of conversation was the stalemated negotiations in Washington and the looming debt crisis.
We meant not to add our voices to the continuous babble about one plan vs another, or one party vs another. But instead to urge all leaders to cut it out and to start making tough decisions, it’s why we put them there.
The President seemed to get our message- that we’re not interested in the political game anymore- we want to see a country headed for financial stability, and that we know it won’t be easy for anyone.
How to get there? Agreeing on something seems to be Washington’s problem… if only our leaders had the courage to BE THE CHANGE.
Help us get the word out- say “DO SOMETHING!”Contact your rep or senator​/writerep/welcome.shtml​ral/contact_information/se​nators_cfm.cfm

And visit http://www.dowehaveadealye​ to keep tabs on and share the student movement. Join the conversation on Twitter #DoWeHaveADealYet.



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