Presidential Phone Call

This afternoon the members of the Do We Have A Deal Yet campaign will participate in a conference call with Senior White House Officials, as well as the President himself.

Student Body President Pat Watral will be on this call and may have the ability to ask your questions about the situation.

Submit questions via the blog or Twitter @Pat_Watral #DoWeHaveADealYet by 11:15 am EST.  Check back for an update!

One thought on “Presidential Phone Call

  1. Jacob MOsser

    Since there is so much partisan tension and the deadline is fast approaching with this debt deal, has the idea of taking an exact percentage from all programs been looked at?
    There is going to be argument and debate over which programs get cut and to raise the debt ceiling and there is no time for that. Taking a little funding from everything allows all programs to exsist while ensuring America’s financial obligations are met. Debate over the debt limit, program funding and a balanced budget amendment need to be debated and discussed but not when the deadline is only a few days away.


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