The JMU Nation

Total enrollment for the 2010 Fall semester: 19,434

  • Total number of Virginia students: 13,957
  • Total number of Out-of-State students: 5,477
  • Total number of International students: 290 from 78 countries

Knowing that every single one of them Bleeds Purple: Priceless.

Being in Charlotte, North Carolina the city is dominated by Chapel Hill, Duke and South Carolina paraphernalia.  You don’t really expect to see any Virginia school stickers on the bumpers of cars, on vanity licence plates, or on flags in yards.  But this morning, on my way to work, I saw all of those things. 

When pulling out of my neighborhood, one of the houses had a JMU flag posted in their yard waving in the breeze.  I started to think about how soon the semester starts and began to miss my friends.  Then I looked in front of me, and the Honda Civic waiting to turn at the stop sign had not one, not two, but FOUR JMU stickers on it! I couldn’t belive it.  One was an alumni sticker, one was a Duke Dog and the other two simply spelled out James Madison University.  I was so overcome with pride for my school that I immediately thought of my role in SGA and how I was setting out to improve the functionality of the organization.

As the Director of Public Relations, my job is to ensure that SGA works for YOU the students.  I am constantly on Twitter (@SGAjmu), Facebook (Student Government Association [JMU]) and this blog to keep you up-to-date and involved in what we are doing.  I want you to feel like you can go to any of those outlets and be apart of the conversation.  I encourage you to express your ideas, thoughts and ways to improve our already amazing University.  I want to feel as connected to you all as I did to the house in my neighborhood and the man driving the Civic in front of me. 

We are the JMU Nation. And we always will be.


4 thoughts on “The JMU Nation

  1. Jake

    I get unnaturally excited when I see cars with JMU plates/frames/stickers. And I live in Fairfax now, so it’s not like they’re uncommon.


    1. sgajmu Post author

      Lucky! The summer months are a bit of a Purple and Gold dry spell for some. But I’m glad Fairfax is giving you your fill!

  2. Patrick Watral

    “sitting in a starbucks in fauquier county. Just met a man who had 3 daughters go to JMU, my old gymnastics teacher who recognized me and who’s sister went to JMU and an older man who went to UVA BUT used to sneak to Madison College on weekends. JMU connects the world and I love it.
    July 6 at 5:03pm · UnlikeLike ·

    Shauna Plesmid AND (it gets better) a girl who just graduated from JMU this year ANDDDD the man is on the board of something important that has to do with the College of Buisness. IM FREAKIN OUT.

    Shauna Plesmid the old man from UVA goes, “I’d like to applaud JMU for beating Virginia Tech because they always used to beat us” and all of starbucks clapped. IM IN HEAVEN with iced coffee.

    Shauna Plesmid Guys, I’m not kidding, a woman just joined our now POPPIN’ starbucks group and she graduated from JMU in ’83. This is not real life.

    Ciara Ryan I met a guy here in Germany who also goes to JMU…. things are a little creepy.

    Patrick Watral this is the greatest moment ever

    Christine Runion I also ran into people I knew from JMU in Germany… we’re everywhere”


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